“Tohfa” is a Hindi/Urdu word which means “gift”.

Tohfa foundation is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India.

The organization came into being in 2016, not as a result of careful planning and strategy, but almost as if it were a fortunate accident that was waiting for the right time to occur.

The goal at Tohfa is to connect every human being with their inner gift, to transform them in such a way that they can present themselves with the gifts of peace, love, good health, happiness, fulfillment, success, abundance and above all "the ultimate truth".

At Tohfa, we don’t just believe, but know for a fact, that every human being is wonderful and capable of creating a meaningful and purposeful life. The ability to live gracefully, in harmony with ourselves as well as our surroundings is something that is innate to all of us. We at Tohfa have taken up the responsibility and made it our duty to lead every individual to this divine level of experience.

We invite you to join us on this journey of creating a better world, one person at a time.

Give yourself the ultimate gift!!